My Favorite Essential Oils

My Favorite Essential Oils

Guys, essential oil are seriously a life saver for me! When my mom first started buying them about 2 years ago I thought it was dumb and gosh I didn’t think they’d actually ever work. Now, everyone uses essential oils and on top of that, a lot of people swear by them. I’m not trying to sell you on them, I swear. Well, maybe a little haha! Anyway, the essential oils I have been using regularly have reduced my acne, the weird very mild version of psoriasis I get from eating gluten, and they help tremendously with my stress and anxiety! Here’s a few of my favorites…

  •      Lavender oil- Lavender has a lot of calming properties to it, so I use loads of it when I’m really stressed and when I’m having anxiety attacks. I have a regular size bottle that I keep by my bedside, a small travel size that I keep in my car and a roll on that I keep in my purse with me. Honestly, it might sound excessive but I swear it works miracles.

  • Tea Tree Oil- Tea Tree is very very strong so unless I’m using it to focus on problem acne spots or on my scalp I usually dilute it and put it in a little spray bottle I got from Target. Even when I put it on my acne I put it on a cotton ball because that would be way to harsh on my skin if I didn’t. It works wonders and most of the time I see results the next day!
  • Thieves oil- THIEVES!!! If I could pick only one essential oils to use for the rest of my life this would be it. I use it on my scalp but really it’s main purpose for me has been the cure for literally any illness I get. If I start to feel even a little bit of a scratchy throat I put a thumb print of thieves on the roof of my mouth and by the end of the day I’m feeling better. We even have these little thieves cough drops scattered around our house for whenever someone is feeling sick. I also use it on any kind of bug bites and it makes the itching go away immediately! Just remember, don’t touch your eyes after using it, it’ll burn so so bad.

  • Abundance oil- When I’m needing some joy and peace in my life (especially during times of stress) I put on a bit of Abundance oil and let the Orange and Ginger bring me back to my center. You can also use it in a diffuser whenever your feeling a little sad or down in the dumps.

  • Grow oil- I don’t know if I have some form of ADD or ADHD because I often get distracted and I’m very forgetful at times. So whenever one of those moments strike me I use this Oola Grow oil and it helps me focus and move forward in whatever project I’m working on! Perfect for when your working on a hard assignment and you start to get distracted by Instagram or Netflix!

There are a few other essential oils that I use but those are my main three and the ones I carry in my bag with me everywhere! My mom and I get all of our essential oils from Young Living, they’re the best brand and very reliable and I love their website and Instagram (I’m such a nerd, I follow them on Instagram and Facebook haha!).  Let me know if you guys have any questions about how to use them or what ones may work for a problem you have!

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