Summers at The Lake

Summers at The Lake

If you’ve been following me for a long time then you most likely know that every summer my family and I go up to our friends lake house in Alabama. We love going up there and have seriously considered buying a house on the lake many times. Every year I bring my camera and snap a few photos when we’re not out on the water and it’s always so much fun to see us grow older every year when I go through our old photographs. The lake is such a special place to my family not only because of the memories we make but because the friends we get to spend time with and how there is absolutely no cell connection so phones aren’t even an option there. Here are a few photos from our time at the lake this year… Enjoy!

Emma – my sister- is always so good at modeling for me… she’s grown up so much over this summer.

Emma and Nick have known each other since birth and for a while there Emma was the taller and older looking one, but now Nick is definitely the taller one and is already growing facial hair. They still wrestle and beat each other up though like they did when they were five.

The lake pups are always a highlight of the trip. There are a bunch of neighborhood dogs who run around, swim across the lake, and sneak food from us when we’re out sun bathing.

A few more arts-y photos that I took while we were there. I haven’t been taking photos for myself or for fun in a while so getting to do that while we were there was really fun. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and don’t forget to check back soon for another one next week!

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