Navy, Pink, and Flowy


Don’t you just love it when you find an outfit thats multi purposeful, functional AND in your budget?! I recently went to Target to pick up a few things for my Costa Rica trip and “accidentally” stumbled upon this adorable floor length dress that was church appropriate and would later save me $$ when looking for a wedding guest dress later!

Something I have faced all of my life is the struggle of clothing the lower half of my body. No, I don’t go pants-less everyday but I could never find anything at mainstream stores that would fit both my waist and my hips! I have tried time and time again to find pants or skirts in stores like Target, Gap, or Old Navy ever since I was a little girl and up until recently I’ve had zero luck. Which incidentally meant I had to – I make it sound like a chore but really it was a luxury for me. Not so much for my mom’s wallet though!- shop at stores like Nordstroms for very pricey jeans that were specifically tailored for my body type. Thankfully though, more and more less expensive clothing stores are making the move to tailor clothes for every body type, including the short-wide hips-small waist people.

Anyway, back to my point, about a few weeks ago I had to run to Target and get a few travel sized toiletries and I really hoped to find a below knee length dress for my mission trip I was about to embark on. You see, to go to daily mass we were required to wear shorts or dresses that were below the knee and being the big rule follower I am, I had to find something that was below the knee. As my sister and I were rummaging through the clothing section I would look at any dress that looked like it would be below my knee while my sister would make fun of me for these little rules I would have to follow in a place with no air-conditioning.

When we had just about given up I stumbled upon this long navy blue dress that would be perfect! Guys, seriously though? I never find anything at Target that fits me. My best friend and sister can both shop there easily because of their longer body type and they always find the CUTEST things. I envy them, especially during the summer when they find the cutest swimsuits for super cheap. This dress is perfect and it was super inexpensive AND my soon to be aunt later told me that the colors would go perfectly with the colors her and my uncle had chosen for their wedding! Double score!

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