My Second and Third Week at SCAD

My Second and Third Week at SCAD

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Hey there! Just another update on my time at SCAD. I’m going into my fourth week of being here and I can definitely say so far everything has been great. I love my classes, they’re the right amount of challenging but there isn’t to much homework. My teachers are great and always will to help and my peers in my classes all seem like nice people. My roommates are good; however, I do have to say it is an adjustment to live with people who weren’t raised the same and don’t have the same values in life as I do. That’s all I will say about that though because I’m not here to make enemies.  Overall, everything is great and I love where I get to go to school.

I feel like, if they don’t already say this they should, but you definitely get what you put into this school. The amount of effort and connections you make is totally up to you, but doing so will end up helping you in the long run. I’m always going to SCAD events, working outside of the dorm, consulting with my professors, and trying to make as many connections as possible.

One thing that I realized after the first two weeks is that I am NOT a fashion major. I prefer comfort over style and so far I have not been living that type of lifestyle. In my opinion, you need to wear things that are just a slight step above workout clothes, sort of like athleisure wear. Dressing in layers is also a huge thing too. The buses are freezing and some of the class rooms are pretty chilly too but then we’re still in the south so somedays it still gets up to 90 degrees. I’ve found that on the days I wear yoga pants, a cute top, maybe a light cardigan, and some adidas tennis shoes are my best and most comfortable days.

Unfortunately though, I didn’t realize this going into school so I have almost not athleisure clothes…so when Christmas comes around you know I’ll absolutely be asking for pretty much the whole Athleta catalog. I love all of their sleek, versatile clothing pieces that look so incredibly comfortable. I’m not gonna lie, I definitely spend most of my free shopping on their site and cumulating my favorite pieces in my cart.

So, my one major tip that I have for incoming college students is to always dress for comfort rather than style. But for those of you who are practically invincible and the weather does not affect you and you wear that beautiful dress and heals every day…well… I commend and slightly envy you.

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