My First Week a SCAD

My First Week a SCAD

Yaya! I’ve completed my first week at the Savannah College of Art and Design! I wanted to do a little series about my time at SCAD because when I was looking up info from a students perspective about the school I couldn’t find anything. So, I wanted to share basically a weekly or at least every other week review of what my time at the school is like. I’m going to be honest, and these opinions are my own and I know that not every one learns or studies the same so everyone’s experience is different from the other.

I will start off by saying that – and I’m really trying not to brag about myself – I have been an A/B student my whole life, I always start projects of homework right after their assigned to me, and I do like to keep a planner and put my best effort in to everything I do. However, I’m not a very good artist/drawer and I have come to the school for photography and advertising – as of right now.

(my roommate Laura!)

My first week at this school has been one of the best school weeks I’ve ever had. SCAD is on a quarter system and we take three 5.00 credit hour courses per quarter so all around our classes are very intense and fast moving. This quarter I’m taking design 100, drawing 101, and speaking of ideas (which is basically a public speaking class). So far I really like all of my teachers and I’m enjoying the course work we’ve been given so far. It is a little tough because I’m not the best at drawing in general so having to do  these specific techniques is very challenging. But it’s been explained to me that the professors don’t necessarily grade you based off of a specific scale but instead they grade you on the effort and progress you put in. Of course, they do have certain criteria that you do have to meet and understand but they’re not grading or teaching you to complete a perfect score on a test.  This type of learning I’m very accustomed to because of the high school I went to.

(my suite -mate Sydney!)

Other than school, the main major adjustment that any college student will make is living with other people other than your roommates. So far my roommates are awesome and they’ve been super easy to live with. We’re all super easy going people and we like to keep our suite clean, we have similar style and fortunately for us we all have pretty similar class schedules! I think the only challenge of living with other people that aren’t your family is just learning each others quirks and how we each like to live. But so far, we’ve had no conflict and I actually think we’re all going to do really well living together.

(my suite-mate Aine!)

Thanks for reading this blog post, and if you liked what you read please let me know if you want this little series to continue or if you want to hear about anything else! The photos in this blog post are from our fun night out where we walked around to cute little areas in Savannah and had mini photo shoots!


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