Life Update: Finals and Self Acceptance

Life Update: Finals and Self Acceptance

Two things will kill you in life. Finals and comparison. No arguments there. Well maybe a few other things. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. Currently, I’m in my advertising class, waiting to pitch my final ad campaign and I figured while I waited for my turn with the professor I’d go ahead and write a quick post. I’ve been super busy lately hence my absence on the blog. But, if you’d like to see/hear from me more frequently you can give my Instagram a follow *shameless plug ensued*.

Okay, back to the life update. We’re about a week and a half from the end of the year and I swear it could not come faster. I have mixed feelings about this year being over. One side of me is excited to be done, to spend time at the beach, make some actual money, and the opportunity to focus on things that I want to do. The other side of me is not at all enthused with the idea of moving back home and the drama that comes with that, that I have to work as a waitress – you make really good money though-, and that I’ll be back in my small little beach town. I have conflicting opinions about that last one. I love the beach so much and being outside and in the ocean but I also need a little bit more of a city or mountain scene because those generally spark my creativity a little more. So, that’s where I’m at right now. Finals, beach, and finding things that spark my creativity.

Self acceptance has been a MAJOR thing for me this year. As I’ve discussed before, I’m NOT a size 2. As many year that I’ve wished I was, I probably never will be. So, I’ve tried to make the best of my situation. What really pushed me out of my comfort zone most recently was when I ordered a pair of bike shorts, a skort, and a spandex yoga/running set from OV. The skort wasn’t so hard to wear out and I really would like to get more in the near future. The spandex set was interesting, but I grew to love wearing it and how I looked in it. That’s what I’m wearing in the photos in this post. I wouldn’t wear this set to run in because the leggings are a little stiff but it’s definitely a good hiking, walking, or everyday wear set.

The bike shorts are INCREDIBLE!! So incredibly soft, comfortable, and I especially like the more ridged waist band that feels like it’s keeping my stomach flat and everything held in. Wearing them out and with the right shirt is what really pushed me to do something I’m not used to though. You really have everything on display unless you wear a majorly over sized shirt, which I don’t really own. So, my butt – which I feel like is so big- and the cellulite I have show pretty well in my eyes. No one else probably notices except for me and with all of the running and leg/butt workouts I’ve done a lot of it has gone away. But there’s still some there. Which makes me slightly uncomfortable. But, since wearing the bike shorts out more frequently, I’ve learned to accept that almost everyone has cellulite and that why should I be concerned about what other people think when I’m happy and comfortable in what I’m in.

Before I ramble on to much, I’m going to go ahead and end this blog post here. Thanks for reading and for keeping up with my posts even though I’ve left this space a little vacant.


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