Herbivore Botanicals: Sea Mist

Herbivore Botanicals: Sea Mist

Since I live at the beach I sure do love a good sea salt spray. Herbivore Botanicals is a newly discovered natural brand that has a wide selection of hair, body, and wellness products. I have an After Sun Coconut Oil that I got from them a few years ago that I still use (sparingly) and love. They have a newer version that they actually sell at Urban Outfitters and it’s a coconut+aloe mixture! One of my other all time favorites is their Texturizing Sea Mist that leaves my hair smelling like coconuts and like I just got out of the ocean.

I’ve been able to apply the Sea Mist when my hair is wet or dry. All I do is take the bottle and spray a few sprits on the top layer of hair and then work your way down through three different layers of hair. If you want a more subtle beach wave just spray some on the top layer of your hair. With the After Sun Coconut+Aloe Body Oil I get about two pumps in my hand and apply to my arms and shoulders after being out in the sun all day. I also use it as a daily moisturizer and it leaves me smelling like coconuts and sunshine!

Something that I’m immediately drawn to whether it be a restaurant, a clothing brand, a blog, or an Instagram, is how simplistic their look is. I think I would describe my favorite style as minimal boho. A weird combo, right? What I like about the minimalism is that I get distracted very very easy so the less distracting things the better. And what I like about a boho style is the bright colors and patterns. Both of those contradict themselves immensely but for some reason it just works for what I would describe my idea style!

Anyway, my point is that Herbivore Botanicals somehow embodies exactly what I’m talking about and therefore shoes exactly why I’m draw to their brand. When I first found their products they weren’t as well known. So when I see them in big stores like Urban Outfitters I feel a sense of pride for this brand that has grown so much in the recent years.

I’ll share a few of my other favorite products that they sell below and maybe you guys can tell me what you think! Thanks for reading 🙂


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