Fresh Spring Looks

Fresh Spring Looks

Going to an art school in a overly wealthy southern town has it’s perks. And it’s drawbacks. Let me preface by explaining the population of said art college: half of the people going to this school are hella rich and sweat Gucci and high end cars or the other half are surviving off of bread crumbs and barely making it and not really sure what kind of life decision they made by going to art school. That being said, this is also a very fashionable school. Think SoHo NYC but on a small scale and a little bit more attitude with a classic southern backdrop. What I’m trying to tell you is that I’m always feeling inspired by the outfits people are wearing and I reaaallly am trying to gain some self control and not spend every penny on new clothes that’ll last one season. So today, I’m gonna share a few of my favorite fashion pieces that I’ve found on Pinterest and off of a few sustainable fashion bloggers.

The Comfort Stretch HR Ankle Crop

First, we have my new favorite denim line. Like every other millennial girl with a Pinterest I love Levi’s denim. I want a pair sooo bad but as someone who can barely find denim EVER I struggle hard core with the “my waist is to small and my butt is to big” problem. We love that. That makes shopping SO MUCH FUN. Can you detect the sarcasm through your screen? Anyway, I found Re/Done watching a Youtuber’s sustainable fashion haul and I instantly fell in love. But alas, my wallet is parched and I can’t afford jeans that are more expensive than my monthly car bill. So, until I make some extra money, sell my soul to the devil, or stumble upon a sugar daddy all I can do is pin their denim on my fashion board on Pinterest and hope someday I can get a pair of the reconstructed jeans.

The Cashmere Crop Mockneck
The ReNew Fleece Sweatshirt

Next, we have Everlane. A sustainable clothing company that literally anyone who does yoga, drinks green smoothies, or uses the word sustainable in their vocabulary knows about. If you do all of those things and still don’t know about them…well… do you live under a rock? Now, they’re a little more in my price range. Expensive, but from what I’ve heard, worth it. Their sweaters and sweatshirts are said to be so incredibly soft and versatile which is something I can definitely get behind. The cashmere crop mock neck will be one of my first purchases next fall and something I’ll be saving for starting now. Another classic staple that I’ve heard good things about is the ReNew Fleece Sweatshirt. This thing looks so cozy and makes me want to flounce around in jeans and this sweatshirt and make everyone feel how soft it is. Most definitely a piece I would have to hide from my sister, this sweatshirt is actually made of 35 renewed plastic water bottles! How cool is that!? Pretty cool if you ask me.

The Lucky Dress
The Locklin Dress

Then, we have a company that almost every Insta famous influencer has bought a dress at and is known for their classic silhouettes and tortoise button details. Reformation, another sustainable clothing company, is a brand every trendy girly minimalist dreams of owning a dress from. Again though, as much as I would love to support this brand and buy EVERY SINGLE dress that they make I must instead support from afar and continue selling my limbs to pay for unnecessary art supplies. Thank goodness I’m not a painting major if you catch my drift. Anyway, their sweet and simple floral patterns, the polka dots, and solid colors on these perfectly tailored dresses make me want to sell all of my belongings and buy all of their dresses and live in a green grass field where I can run in the sun and flowers for hours. To specific? Maybe. Have I dreamed of this more than once? Maybe. Who wouldn’t though?

The Extra White Dried Petal Shoe
The Extra White Nautico Pekin Shoe

Finally, we have a shoe company that stands for ecological and fair trade conditions for their workers that are mainly based in France and Brazil. Now let me tell you how much I love these shoes. Their simplistic and clean cut style makes pairing them with a pair of jeans just as easy as pairing them with your favorite Sunday brunch dress. The nice little pop of color featured on the logo on some of their shoes give you a little extra pep in your trendy step while their shoes that pull more soft and neutral vibes will make you feel like you’re in a Nicholas Sparks movie on the beach. Either one is a vibe you can get behind am I right? These shoes have made themselves known only slightly on Instagram and aren’t necessarily as popular as one would think. However, that doesn’t make them any less special it just means you’ll be the next trend setter when you start wearing these rad kicks.

That’s all I’ve got for you guys right now as far as fashion goes. I should probably stop writing before I make to many grammatical errors and make my 8th grade English teacher Ms. Sylvia slap me on the wrists for my writing style. Ah we do love a good Lincoln Douglas debate, don’t we? Anyway, thanks for reading and make sure to check back in soon for more sarcasm and slight passive aggressive comments on how much money I’m spending on art supplies.


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