Figuring Things Out

Figuring Things Out

Do ever get that feeling where you suddenly feel like everything was torn away from you and you’re falling? Sometimes I feel like that and it’s been happening more recently. Like a lot of people, I have a fear of the unknown and not being in control. I have no idea why because neither of my parents have this issue. But, here I am, sometimes feeling like a crazy person because the second something in my life changes and doesn’t go as I planned it, I get kinda stressed out. It’s definitely something I’m working on everyday though. Today’s post is gonna be a little informal and more like you’re reading my journal or my mind as I go through different ideas and plans. Welcome to my brain everyone…this should be interesting.

I love a good plan as much as the next girl… well, maybe a little more. Regardless, I’m contemplating what I should do this summer. I’m on a fast track through college to graduate a year early since I took college classes in high school. That’s a story for another time along with my experiences with taking a gap year. Mixed reviews for that one. Anyway, this coming summer is technically my last summer that I won’t be overseas taking summer classes or doing a summer internship. SO I’d really like to make this a good + fun summer where I do all of the adventurous things I’ve wanted to do BUT also make some money cause your girl has got to pay for college.

So here’s the dream: travel around the north west of the United States – preferably with someone, but I’m also fine being alone – taking photos, hiking, camping, and living in the mountains for 1-2 months. I wouldn’t plan on staying in a hotel because that’s way to expensive but instead, camp in my car. Yes I know this would be difficult, but what’s like without a little risk. But you see, this is where I run into my problem. How does one make money when you move every week to two weeks. This is where my photography comes in. I’d love to work with brands and shoot content as an influencer for them, but I have under 1k followers. I’d love to sell my prints – and I have – but people kinda aren’t into buying prints these days. I’d be happy to work as a family or senior photographer when I travel from place to place, but honestly I have no idea how to market myself that way in places that I don’t have many connections.

That’s where you guys come in. Suggestions, comments, or ideas for how I could live out my dream would be much appreciated. Please leave a comment down below with suggestions for what you think I should do this summer/ how you think I could make money through freelance would be great too. Thanks for reading this post, listening to my ramblings, and offering your advice! Check back soon for another post about my trip out to CO later this weekend!


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