Boston Travel Diary

Boston Travel Diary

At the beginning of the summer my dad had a business trip in Boston, so I tagged along and I spent the whole full day I was there shopping and exploring! Unfortunately it rained pretty much the whole time we were there but I still got a few photos. I love how cute and rich Boston feels, with all of the history, the cobblestone streets and the clean atmosphere. Boston is probably the cleanest city I’ve ever visited, aside from Zaragoza in Spain! Here’s a few of the photos I got along with a few of the stores, restaurants and other places I visited…

  • Mini Luxe nail salon- They have a few of these nail salons scattered throughout the city and I liked how clean and modern everything looked. The people were always very kind and accommodating when each time I went back to get my nails fixed haha! So I got their version of a gel manicure – the performance polish manicure- that was supposed to last a week or so but it only lasted a few hours before it chipped! I went back three times to get it fixed because they said they’d fix it for free each time and by the last time I gave up and used regular polish which ended up lasting way longer than what I originally got!!
  • Newbury Street- This street had all of the best shopping with both your mainstream stores like Urban Outfitters, Vans, and Anthropologie as well as cute little boutique stores. I found this really awesome brand called Marine Label that my sister and I actually found again in Atlanta! Marine Layer has the softest shirtsEVER! Go check them out and when your in Boston go visit Newbury Street!
  • The Coffee Shops- Not just one, but all of them! I loved how a lot of times they used to exposed brick to decorate and a lot of times they had window seats that were so fun to sit and people watch at.

That’s it for my Boston travel diary! Thank you so much for reading and check back soon for a new post!

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