Blue Ruffles and Colorful Streets

Blue Ruffles and Colorful Streets

    Top (similar) // Pants // Shoes

     I recently found one of the cutest, well priced brands I’ve ever worn called Lush Clothing. It isn’t the skin care/bath bomb brand- although I love their stuff too- but instead it’s a really cute clothing brand that features super soft tops and other articles of clothing. I picked up this sky blue ruffle top and a pink turtle neck sweater and I just about fell in love!

Unfortunately, they don’t have an online store but I did find their stuff on Nordtroms and a store called Lulu’s that sells some of their stuff but not the top I’m wearing. But don’t get so sad just yet! The store I bought it C. Collection from has an Instagram and they said that you can look on their posts and email them and they can sell you their clothes like that! C. Collection is an awesome little boutique store in New Orleans, Louisiana that my sister and I make sure to go into every time we visit New Orleans because they have such reasonably priced things.

Like I said before, the top I’m wearing is super soft and it goes perfectly with any pair of jeans as well as my favorite denim skirt. It also goes really well with my eyes and is a perfect transition peace from summer to fall! The jeans I’m wearing have been my lifesavers for the past three years and I’m not letting them go any time soon. They’re by American Eagle and they’re the softest jeans and they always fit so perfectly each time I put them on.

These shoes are the best! I know I say that a lot about nearly everything but these shoes have reached “the best” level for good reason. They’re a neutral color so they go with just about anything and they slide on so easy that when my mom or I go play ultimate (we bicker over who gets to wear them haha) we just throw them before and after the game. I’ve also worn them a few times to church because they’re just so comfortable and they look so cute with a lot of my dresses, whether they’re long or short! If your deciding between what kind of sandals you want to buy anytime soon I would 100% recommend this brand!! They have so many different styles and they last forever! Go check them out at Avarcas Usa.

Thank you so much for reading this post! If you have any questions or comments leave them below! Have and amazing day 🙂

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