19 Trips Around the Sun

19 Trips Around the Sun

19. That’s crazy. Not necessarily the number but more of the thought that I’ve been alive for 19 years. And not only 19, but the fact that I am that much closer to being 20. Which is even crazier. I’m blown away just thinking about it. I spent my birthday sleeping in – which is like sleeping till 8am and that’s not really sleeping in is it?- and I did laundry. But hey, it was a Friday and I needed to wash some clothes. I did get breakfast with my friends and they gave me flowers and a gift card which was so sweet and amazing. We’re all pretty broke and the fact that they spent that money (most likely just my roommate Laura but I’ll share some credit with the guys) on a birthday present was very sweet. I then spent the day at the beach doing yoga and napping in the sun with one of my really good friends. Later in the day my parents came into town and we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Savannah. I really liked how chill and low-key this birthday was and I may have to say it’ll go on my top five birthday list.

I don’t really have much wisdom or specific things that I can impart on people who are younger than me but if I do have to say one thing, it’s to not take life so seriously. Don’t plan to much and laugh at yourself often. I’m really bad at practicing all of those things so I’m partially telling and learning to do those things myself. Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. I’m going into week 7 out of 10 in the spring quarter and I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to be done for the summer and to get to go home to the beach 🙂


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